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*Welcome to the Uncaged Learning Homeschool blog! You may know me from Curls of Innocence. I had a Blogger page here once for homeschool years ago, but I took it down because I thought that I would just use Tumblr. But I want to combine this Blogger with my natural hair Blogger, so, here we are.
If you don't already know, we have 5 kids, ages 8-11 months. The oldest is supposedly going to 3rd grade, and the rest, well, I will save that for the next blog post. Right now, we're pretty much still in summer vacation mode, so I have not been consistently homeschooling. We're also in the process of moving, so I've just been waiting until we're settled down more to hop back into schooling full time.

In this blog, I will sharing a little of what I do with my kids as far as learning as well as homeschool resources that you guys can take advantage of. I will also share the videos from my YouTube channel on how I do what I do.  Click here for the homeschool playlist! So stay tuned and follow this blog! 
I also have a homeschool Tumblr that I barely update on... hence why I made this blog. LOL!

*Uncaged Learning*


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