Homeschool Has 'Started'! 2017-2018 Academic Year

Hey, homeschoolers! If you're not following me on Instagram, you really should. I post there daily about what the kids are doing academically. I don't get to post everything, but hey, that's what blogs are for! :)

So, school started for us this past Monday. It was very exciting! I hadn't yet ever made such a big deal about starting the school year, mostly because before the kids were younger and I wasn't very concrete with certain things. But this year, I am doing better. I have learned a lot about what I need to work on as far as teaching, my strategies, and what the kids know like the back of their hands and what they need to brush up on. 
Sunday evening, I laid out their new 'school outfits' so they could feel special about starting as well. They had new pencils, notebooks, folders, art supplies, and workbooks to squeal over. I was up bright and early Monday morning, stretches done, breakfast eaten, fresh & ready to begin!
In the past, I started school at around 10:00 am because that just seemed like a feasible time for the whole morning rush to be over. Even now that I have an extra baby yet again, it's still the best time for me to get going with teaching. For the most part, everything's done by that time. The kids have washed up, gotten dressed, and eaten breakfast. Table is cleaned by one of them so that we can get started. We have limited space, so we have to utilize what we have. 

 In my mind, I stressed out a little trying to come up with first day assignments, but in reality, all I had to do was think about REVIEW. What did they need to review? I gave them basic things in their composition notebooks... writing their full names, days of the week, months,, counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, and other random basic things. We reviewed the seasons, the senses, and little about the planets. I had more than enough for them to write! Then we did a little in their workbooks and worksheets. We read about the Milky Way and they drew pictures of it.
Symari, the kindergartner reviewed her letter and number writing and her sounds. She's already aced the sounds, so we started working on blends. She's very excited to learn to read!
We worked from 10 to 1:30ish. It was fun. The kids were very giggly, but cooperative.  My brain was fried by the time we finished, but overall, the day had gone well. They all got stickers and checkmarks, hugs and kisses. I was beaming with pride!

Today was day 3 and things are still going well. I will be updating a lot here. Catch me on Instagram or Facebook @ Curls of Innocence!  Peace out!

~Uncaged Learning/ Curls of Innocence~


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