How Do You Prepare...?

Hello, my homeschoolers! I want to know how you guys prepare for the upcoming school year, whenever you decide to start it. I originally did the cliche thing of waiting until the actual new year in January to consider it a 'new school year', but I have realized that was messing me up mentally. Since I'm already ingrained in thinking that the school year starts in August or September bases on how public school does it, I said that I might as well adapt that. I mean, why not? It's right after summer break. We do take breaks over the summer, so it's perfect.

I usually have the kids read daily throughout the summer so their minds will stay sharp. They still learn something. We read animal books and discuss new things daily, sometimes on their own doing. I prepare myself with their supplies, making sure they have plenty of writing utensils, sharpeners, crayons (ones that aren't broken and torn to shreds LOL), composition notebooks, and folders. We actually never run out of pencils and erasers though, so that's good. I make sure that we have looseleaf paper so they can practice their handwriting and other things. I get our Hooked on Phonics cassette tapes ready so that we can continue our reading comprehension lessons. I also review with them, make sure that they remember the days of the week, the months of the year, their full names, the seasons, senses, basic Spanish words, where they live, etc.
My oldest kids are going to second and third grade, so they're schooling time will be a little longer than it was last year because I will have more things incorporated into their routine. We just moved, so I set up our little school area already and I'm beyond excited about it! I will share pics soon as well as when I am actually starting.
They will be doing lots of review work prior to the actual date that I have set. I know they probably forgot a lot of things because we went through a chaotic period this year where we lived in a hotel for 5 months (yuck) and we slacked off heavily. But their review is coming soon. I will talk about that soon here or in a video, or both. 
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~Curls of Innocence/Uncaged Learning~


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