What Homeschoolers Lack...?

Hey, homeschoolers! I wanted to share with you guys a post that I made last year about homeschooling kids. I made this post on my personal Facebook page, and of course, there were many varied opinions on it.

™ The longer we tread through this homeschooling journey, the more hubby and I realize how much work is involved in it. Simple, everyday tasks that kids learn in school doesn't come as easily to homeschoolers unless YOU have a way of teaching them. 

They aren't as quick to respond (lack of urgency), they daydream way more than they should, they're not as strong physically or mentally (unless you already have ways to keep them strong daily), and getting them to remember their everyday schedules and not be lazy and procrastinate can be pure hell sometimes. Sigh...

Like everything, there are pros and cons to homeschooling. Double edged swords. The grass isn't always greener on the other side, but I'm willing to continue to put in the extra work so that my kids will have TIME to exercise their talents DAILY instead of just throughout the summertime. They will learn entrepreneurial skills early also. We will be a close, tight knit family instead of the traditional families, constantly hustling and bustling out the doors at separate places all day and loosing connections with one another. The rest of the stuff will fall into place as we get our lives together. So no worries.

You already know; most of the world is against homeschooling, or PARTIALLY against it. That pretty much means that they support others who do it, but wouldn't do it for their own kids, which is ridiculous in my opinion. But hey, that's their business.
I wrote this post based on MY kid's struggles. They're still going through these struggles now. This was happening last year, around the time we did have a working vehicle for a while and we were going out places weekly. It was as their behavior was getting better, but then again, in some ways, it wasn't.
We were working on establishing a schedule for them with their library time and getting them out more to parks and what not. But we had a financial crisis, where we blew all of our savings trying to get that van up and running again and it failed repeatedly. You guys know how it is with used cars if you've ever had a used car. We had to get rid of it. At the same time, we took a deep nose dive into hotel life because of our faulty landlord at the time shutting down the complex and wrongfully kicking everyone out without proper notice... but that's another story.
The point I am trying to make is that this is common out of all homeschoolers. They aren't as aware and alert as kids who go to school. However, that's not entirely a bad thing. Daydreaming isn't bad, as long as they do it at the right times. Public schoolers have a had time concentrating themselves because they have to get up very early every day and hustle through crowds and crowds of kids, which already gives a lot of people anxiety. They have to get used to constant noise and chaos, bells, rushing to eat lunch, barely any recess, and squeezing onto a school bus and being bullied. People don't realize that THAT is what gives kids anxiety and issues, MORE issues than what being homeschooled can give them. But it's like I said in the above post, it's a double edged sword. That's life. EVERYTHING in this world is like that.
There are pros and cons to being a working mother vs being a stay at home mom. 
There are pros and cons to having a used  car vs a new one. 
There are pros and cons to public school vs private. 
There are pros and cons to having a little bit of kids vs an entire litter. 
It's all about YOU and what you decide, what you can handle. And I can handle what my kids are going through right now and fix that rather than fixing the latter, you know what I mean? I've got 5 of them. I'm not ready to handle 5 individual teachers and needs and conferences and field trips. No, ma'm. LOL
The rest will fall into place, as I mentioned above. That's just a part of life.

            ~Uncaged Learning/Curls of Innocence~


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