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HUGE Homeschool HAUL! Spectrum Workbooks

Hey, guys! I know it's been a lil minute since the last post, but hey, I am doing my best! I wanted to post my last video here about out HUGE homeschool haul!

I am so thrilled with the things that I was able to get for the kiddos, and I have already started using these books for the summer. The Spectrum books are amazing so far. They are a little strict because they are Common Core based, but as long as homeschooled kids are able to go at their own pace and still learn the old school ways of doing things, Common Core doesn't really bother me. But the kiddos will kinda of be in shell shock when they open the 2nd grade Language Arts books and see things that we barely got to cover! Haha! I have a schedule set up already as to when they are doing what. At most, they will be doing 2 pages per day per workbook along with their other drills, like writing their times tables. We have to definitely get those down this summer, especially my rising 4th grader! Well, I hope that you enjoy

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