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Home Economics Starts At... Home. Obviously.

😊 Hey, homeschoolers! I wanted to talk about home economics because we had a huge 'lesson' about that with the kiddos this morning, and we saved our book work for afterwards.

It was mainly about the house being in a bit of disarray, and it was hubby's day off. So once he gets going on a spree of what's in need of cleaning, all the kids have to be front and center. lol

I'm sure you guys remember home ec class. I am not sure if they still even have it in schools or not; last I heard, they did not. At least for black public schools, they don't. I remember having home ec class in middle school, but that was in 1997-2000. The public school I went to had home ec (and art class) as a requirement then. It was one of my favorite 'exploratories', as they called it then. We learned to sew in that class. I remember sewing a small pillow and being so proud of myself. I am trying to remember what else they taught us then, but I can't put my finger on it. All I rem…

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